Please follow these rules, so you don't get banned.

Rule Section 1

How to act on the wiki

  • No bad language (But you can use Crap and Suck if you want.)
  • If the F word is used, you will be banned. So DON'T use that word. But you can use WTF.
    • If anyone calls you that word or puts it on a page, contact an admin right away.
  • Do NOT edit anyones user pages, unless you have their permission to do so.
    • If that happens, with no permission, contact an admin.

Rule Section 2


  • Be sure to upload images that relate to the wiki.
  • Fan made images ARE aloud. Just don't put them on articles.

So there really isn't much to be said in this section.

Rule Section 3


  • No fluff edits, if you are caught making fluff edits, you will be banned.
  • No vandalizing
  • Do not put in any non-sense, please put stuff that makes sense.

Rule Section 4


  • You are aloud to make forums.
    • But ask an admin first.
  • Make sure the forum or fan club is appropriate. As in no bad stuff.
    • If you get caught having an inappropriate forum or fan club, you WILL be banned for 2 weeks.
  • Make sure if it's a fan club, it has to have a leader and an assistant leader.

Rule Section 5


  • Be sure you say nice things on a talk page and user talk page.
    • But it's ok if you have a different opinion on something.
  • NO name calling. For example, like saying "You are such a ****".
    • If that happens to you, tell an admin immediately.
    • An admin will give a warning, next a hard warning, if you are still doing it, you will be banned for 2 weeks, do it again and you will be banned "indefinitely".
    • If you name call in caps, you will be banned on contact.
    • So DO NOT call names.
  • Be friendly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • But it's ok to have a conflict.
  • And do "NOT" be rude to any other users.

Adding more soon

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